Jun 2, 2022
Innovation in Flow Cytometry: BD Engineer Named an ISAC Innovator 2022
Peter Mage, senior staff engineer at BD

Flow cytometry is an essential technique at the heart of the life sciences, enabling researchers to identify and analyze cells to better understand human health, disease and treatment. Since commercializing the first flow cytometer in the 1970s, BD has remained at the forefront of advancing the field through our innovation, partnerships and people. 

This month, BD Senior Staff Engineer Peter Mage was named an International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) Innovator 2022, a distinct honor awarded to select individuals who are extending the reach of cytometry into uncharted fields.

"At BD, we're proud and humbled to support innovation-minded associates like Peter who are engaging the scientific community and showcasing BD innovation on a global stage," said Eric Diebold, Worldwide VP of R&D, BD Biosciences. "Flow cytometry innovation is at the core of what BD Biosciences does, and truly transformative innovation will continue to come from multidisciplinary collaboration between both scientists and engineers."

Since joining BD in 2018, Peter has contributed to innovation work on many fronts, including architecting capabilities on our new BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellView™ Image Technology and supporting the development of our new BD Horizon RealBlue™ and RealYellow™ Reagents.

Peter has generated one granted patent and 11 patent applications to date.

"Coming from a physics background, I used to think biology was the study of squishy things that couldn't be explained easily with math," said Peter. "I've come to learn that those squishy things lie at the heart of human health and disease, and I'm so excited to help develop tools that will advance humanity's understanding of the squishy, mathless, but infinitely beautiful world inside each of us."

Peter added, "To that end, I'm honored to join the ISAC Innovators program this year and help advance the adoption of meaningful new technologies for the cytometry community. Even more so, I'm grateful to be innovating as part of the BD Biosciences team, where I'm surrounded by fellow minds who are working passionately to make those technologies a reality for scientists around the world."

This year's ISAC Innovators will be announced at the annual CYTO conference (June 3-7, 2022), where this year BD unveils its new BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellView ™ Image Technology, which Peter was instrumental in helping to bring to life.

Learn more about the ISAC Innovators program here.


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