Apr 26, 2023
BD behind the scenes: Expanding insurance coverage of vaginitis testing

By: Fenan Solomon, Director, Market Access & Payment Policy, BD Integrated Diagnostics Solutions

April marks National Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Month. BV is the most common infectious cause of vaginitis in women of reproductive age, followed by vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) and Trichomonas vaginalis (TV).1 Vaginitis affects millions of women each year, and 25% of women with vaginitis suffer from multiple infections at the same time.2 The symptoms of vaginitis can negatively impact a woman’s quality of life, self-esteem, self-image, productivity, and sexual health.1,3,4 Black women are particularly impacted as they face a higher prevalence of bacterial vaginosis (51% of non-Hispanic black women vs. 23% of non-Hispanic white women5).

Most women will have a vaginal infection during their lifetime and millions of them receive inadequate treatment. Four in 10 women don’t get the right diagnosis and treatment for vaginitis symptoms after a physician visit, which leads to those 4 in 10 having to schedule another appointment because of persistent symptoms.6

The ability to diagnose and treat vaginitis symptoms is available – it’s a matter of ensuring that patients have access to these solutions. For example, the BD Vaginal Panel is a comprehensive diagnostic test that directly detects the three most common infectious causes of vaginitis – reporting a clear positive or negative result for each condition – in one test, with one swab.7

As one step towards expanding access, we are excited to announce that as of this month, individuals covered by Horizon BCBS of New Jersey and BCBS of Massachusetts will now have access to coverage for BD Vaginal Panel, with BCBS of Tennessee soon to follow – a total of 7.8 million additional lives covered.

 BD is a passionate advocate for expanded market access, working behind the scenes to gain Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance coverage of our assays while supporting adoption among HCPs.  BD Market Access and Medical Affairs teams meet with medical directors at health plans throughout the country to discuss the clinical utility of BD Vaginal Panel.

Practice economics, coverage and payment are crucial to a physician or lab director’s decision to adopt a product, which in turn increases access to more patients. For any physicians and lab directors who recognize the assay’s value and are willing to adopt the product despite an unfavorable coverage landscape in their area, BD Market Access also provides reimbursement support through appeals assistance.

BD’s purpose of advancing the world of health™ doesn’t end with the creation of innovative health solutions. Transforming care requires positive coverage and helping to ensure these innovations are available to more people,  which we will continue to strive for with the BD Vaginal Panel and all our healthcare solutions.

Learn more about the BD Vaginal Panel at Vaginitis Diagnosis Made Simple and Clear.

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