Oct 19, 2016
BD helps automate microbiology labs
Ian Wakefield, BD Country General Manager for Southern Africa, and Peter Cole, Lancet Laboratories CEO

BD Kiestra™ automation solutions launched in South Africa and Texas.

The microbiology laboratory is an essential component of a medical facility. A micro lab that produces a rapid, reliable result can mean the difference between prompt and successful patient treatment and a long struggle to recovery.

Recently, BD Kiestra™ Lab Automation systems were installed at University Medical Center (UMC) in Lubbock, Texas, and at Lancet Laboratories in Durban, South Africa. Both facilities consider this an investment in providing high quality healthcare and improving clinical outcomes for their respective communities.

UMC held an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony in its new laboratory, the second BD Kiestra TLA (Total Laboratory Automation) in the U.S. and the first to be utilized for all specimens in microbiology. Over 150 associates, from physicians and nurses to purchasing managers and finance, toured the microbiology laboratory and received demonstrations of the BD Kiestra TLA. All were amazed and very proud of the innovation and commitment to providing the high service and quality for their patients by the team in microbiology.

Ian Wakefield, BD Country General Manager for Southern Africa, and Peter Cole, Lancet Laboratories CEO

The process of running tests and reading the results had previously been a manual process. Today, with the BD Kiestra system, UMC is using the system to process 450 samples a day across a spectrum of microbiology testing.

"UMC recognized that in order to achieve its microbiology goals, they had to expand the service to twenty-four seven, reporting out critical results to infectious disease clinicians," said Chris Beddard, Worldwide Strategic Marketing Director for Lab Automation at BD.

In Durban, Lancet Laboratories celebrated the first BD Kiestra launch on the African continent. Lancet medical technicians took the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the system to an intent audience that was surprised by the various functionalities made possible by automation as compared with traditional, manual methods of testing.

Dr. Krishnee Moodley, a medical microbiologist at Lancet Laboratories stated, "By speeding up the results, we are giving the doctor appropriate antibiotic treatment choices. Patients are able to respond quicker and are discharged faster."

"We are excited to bring to market cutting-edge technology with proven capabilities that will revolutionize traditional methods of testing," said Ian Wakefield, BD Country General Manager Southern Africa.



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