Apr 13, 2022
Inside innovation - Meet our CSO, Joe Smith

By Beth McCombs, EVP and CTO

The pace of change in MedTech is accelerating. Rapid advancement in science, technology and new care models has gained momentum through the COVID pandemic. We have witnessed record-breaking speed for the development of diagnostics and vaccines, as well as exciting advancements in data science and artificial intelligence. To anticipate and impact important health care and technology trends like these, BD is broadening our external partnerships with our customers and technology companies.

At BD, we are uniquely positioned in that our innovations benefit billions of people worldwide at critical moments throughout their lives. Our bold innovation plan balances our investments between our core portfolio—the products that have become the backbone of care over our 125-year history—and our responsibility to continue transforming what’s possible in global healthcare.

To deliver the best solutions across the three irreversible forces that we see reshaping the future of global healthcare – smart, connected care, new care settings, and chronic disease outcomes – we must expand our exploration of new ideas beyond the “four walls” of BD.  In addition to our own best-in-class capabilities and industry-leading expertise, we’re tapping into new capabilities and investing in catalysts to expand our external innovation network.

One of those catalysts is our chief scientific officer, Dr. Joe Smith, who will help us amplify the identification of new technologies and establish even more partnerships with customers and technology companies—from startups to established entities within and outside of the healthcare industry. Joe will also establish and co-chair BD’s external scientific advisory board (SAB) made up of science and technology experts and clinical key opinion leaders. The SAB is tasked with bringing in outside perspectives and helping us to identify disruptive technology trends, shifts in healthcare and new technologies and assets to maximize our ability to advance patient care.

Why was Joe the right fit? He has an amazing track record of innovation and impact, deep clinical expertise, and technological acumen that’s readily apparent. But beyond that, he has a genuine and palpable sense of purpose to make healthcare more accessible and effective for patients and providers.

I sat down with Joe to help share a little more about who he is, where he’ll be focused and what he’s most excited about for the opportunities BD has in advancing the world of health™.


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