Sep 18, 2023
World Patient Safety Day: Elevating the Voice of the Patient

On World Patient Safety Day (September 17), the World Health Organization is bringing awareness to the role of the patient with this year’s theme, “Engaging Patients for Patient Safety.” BD associates work in the mindset that there’s a patient at the end of everything we do, and that person may be a friend, family member, or even ourselves.  Hear four BD associates share the experiences that drive their commitment to empowering patients and their caregivers to help improve outcomes:

erin kling smiling for a picture

“If I had not advocated for myself in that moment, and asked those questions and really pushed for that biopsy, I don’t know that I would be here today…”

As a BD Global Marketing Director, Erin Kling’s personal diagnosis and care journey drive her to develop tools and educational resources to help elevate the voices of patients and their caregivers to help achieve the best patient experiences and outcomes. She believes that if patients are empowered to ask the right questions, they will be able to better control what’s going to happen next.

yolanda in a black dress

“BD is unique in that the clinical support that we offer to our patients and families is like no other, we continue to support them for the life of their prescription.” 

Yolanda Rhodes is a Sr. Clinical Nurse Manager, and part of a team of clinical specialists who work closely with the marketing and communications teams to make sure that educational resources are being developed for patients to continue learning throughout what may be a life-long care journey.

michael whitner in a white coat

“The devices that we provide to the world not only have an impact on the patients, but also on their families.”

Sr. Clinical Manager Michael Whitner recalls watching his grandmother being subjected to 40 sticks during a hospital stay, several of them unsuccessful. He describes the relief he felt as a family member and advocate when a BD innovation was introduced to help improve her experience.

Rachelle Landry smiling

“Throughout our 125-year history, BD has focused on patient safety in developing innovative products and solutions that support and assist healthcare professionals with various needs.”

Vice President of Clinical Transformation Rachelle Landry sees that healthcare is shifting, and part of that shift is into new care settings. The medical technology will continue to expand to meet people where they desire care.


For more information on how to support World Patient Safety Day objectives, visit,the%20safety%20of%20health%20care.


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