Mar 27, 2019
BD brings water to global communities on World Water Day

Did you know… diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war? 1

Why water
According to the World Health Organization – just over five years from now, half of the world's population will be living in “water stressed areas” due to climate and demographic change, population growth and urbanization.

Taking action on our company's mission – advancing the world of health – in honor of World Water Day, BD associates joined nonprofit, Project Water and Project 24, to visit three water stressed countries and provide them with access to fresh water via water towers.

Kandarwadi, like all villages in the Palghar District, primarily uses drilled wells with hand pumps to source and access water. The local school, Ashram Primary, stores its water in tanks until it is utilized by students for drinking and hand washing, however tests reveal that the collected water is contaminated with the colorless gas that is poisonous and corrosive.

Fortunately, the school is situated in an area that is easily accessible by all the villagers. The water tower installed by BD associates on World Water Day will provide clean drinking water directly to the 261 students currently enrolled in the Ashram Primary School, as well as the broader community of 1,800 people.

In November of 2018, the community of Magsaysay encountered a devastating mudslide that leveled their homes, buildings and schools. Today, the majority of villagers still live in a local gymnasium, fearful that future weather catastrophes will further pollute their already poor quality and dangerous water sources.

Last week, associates from BD built a water tower at the Magsaysay Elementary School, providing clean drinking water for 52 students and 200 villagers as they rebuild their community.

Just a few hundred meters from the white sand beaches and deep blue Indian Ocean that attracts tourists to Lombok, Indonesia lies the small fishing village of Teluk Kombal. In 2018, an earthquake devastated the Lombok area and its surrounding economy. Today, children are becoming ill from waterborne diseases found in well water in SDN 3 Pemenang Barat Elementary School.

The water tower that BD associates installed at the site of the elementary school will provide clean, safe water for the 152 children, as well as their family and friends in the community.

Amelia is the Manager of Sustainability at BD.


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