Mar 19, 2020
BD volunteers bring clean drinking water to village in Mexico
Associate Director of Sustainability, BD

BD partners with Planet Water to build water towers in water stressed areas of the world.

Recently, a team of 10 BD volunteers from the company’s San Luis Potosi manufacturing site in Mexico participated in a one-day volunteer service project with Planet Water Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to the world’s most impoverished communities through the installation of community-based water filtration systems.

BD volunteers traveled to the village of San Jacinto to help construct a water tower at the local school. The new water tower brings fresh drinking water to the 2,500 residents of San Jacinto, including the more than 360 students that attend the school. As part of the project, the school’s nearly two dozen teachers also received health and hygiene training, which they in turn will extend to their students and community members.

The San Jacinto water tower deployment is the first of three volunteer service projects with Planet Water that BD will sponsor in Mexico. The company has partnered with Planet Water for the last two years, with BD volunteers building water towers in Puerto Rico, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

BD is committed to support water access and conservation efforts around the world – this includes reducing water consumption at our facilities around the world. By expanding access to safe, clean drinking water, we can help reduce the frequency of preventable waterborne diseases, which currently infect enough people to command approximately 50% of all hospital beds on earth. Additionally, widespread viruses such as the coronaviruses, can be controlled by regularly washing hands with clean water and soap. Now more than ever, is it important for the water stressed areas of the world to have access to clean water.


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