Dec 22, 2020
Meet the 2020 Life-Changers: Jinwei Bian

We’re working our way through December by celebrating the winners of the Jeffrey Sherman Life-Changers Award – a prestigious BD award that recognizes associates who are making a lasting impact on those around them, both through what they do at work and outside of work. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing stories about our five 2020 winners and the incredible impact they’re having on those around them.

We’re excited to share the inspiring story of Jinwei Bian, who works as District Service Manager for BD Life Sciences – Biosciences in Shanghai, China.

Once in a while, we come across a Life-Changers nominee like Jinwei, who’s extraordinary contributions at BD also happen have a remarkable impact outside BD, on the world around them.

In January of this year, China’s Hubei province was at the epicenter of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was at a time when very little was known about the virus – other than how unforgiving this virus appeared to be. 

Yet, Jinwei – who has been part of the BD Biosciences team in China for 10 years – pushed aside any hesitation and walked straight “into the fire” in order to support a customer in their hour of need.

Jinyintan Hospital, the first hospital to treat coronavirus patients in China, had an emergent need for a BD FACSLoader auto sample loading system to be installed on its FACSCantoll system, which is used for patient diagnostics.

Although this urgent customer request came in during the middle of the Spring Festival Holiday, Jinwei was one of two field service engineers who volunteered to take time away from his family to travel from Shanghai to Wuhan to complete the installation.

To come through for this customer and its patients, Jinwei drove 10 hours from his hometown of Shanghai to get to Wuhan – and when he wasn’t able to drive through security check points, he walked several hours, before finding another car to take him to the hospital, which was located in the theoretical eye of the coronavirus storm. After completing the product installation, Jinwei had to quarantine for two months – missing more holiday time with his family – before returning home.

Because of Jinwei’s selflessness, Jinyintan Hospital was empowered by BD products to support the better diagnosis and treatment of patients facing COVID-19.

In honor of the life-changing impact Jinwei has on his colleagues at BD and the world around him, BD is donating $5,000 to the non-profit organization of his choice: Chi Heng Foundation Limited, which promotes equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination against minority groups.  

Make sure to check out all of our 2020 Life-Changer Award winner stories, like Jinwei’s, on the BD newsroom.


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